Concrete is the most important material in civil engineering. The concrete compressive strength is a highly nonlinear function of age and ingredients.

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float, 2.3-82.6




Given are the variable name, variable type, the measurement unit and a brief description. The concrete compressive strength is the regression problem. The order of this listing corresponds to the order of numerals along the rows of the database.


Downloaded from the UCI Machine Learning Repository on October 13, 2016.

Yeh, I-C. “Modeling of strength of high-performance concrete using artificial neural networks.” Cement and Concrete research 28.12 (1998): 1797-1808.


yellowbrick.datasets.loaders.load_concrete(data_home=None, return_dataset=False)[source]

Loads the concrete multivariate dataset that is well suited to regression tasks. The dataset contains 1030 instances and 8 real valued attributes with a continuous target.

The Yellowbrick datasets are hosted online and when requested, the dataset is downloaded to your local computer for use. Note that if the dataset hasn’t been downloaded before, an Internet connection is required. However, if the data is cached locally, no data will be downloaded. Yellowbrick checks the known signature of the dataset with the data downloaded to ensure the download completes successfully.

Datasets are stored alongside the code, but the location can be specified with the data_home parameter or the $YELLOWBRICK_DATA envvar.

data_homestr, optional

The path on disk where data is stored. If not passed in, it is looked up from $YELLOWBRICK_DATA or the default returned by get_data_home.

return_datasetbool, default=False

Return the raw dataset object instead of X and y numpy arrays to get access to alternative targets, extra features, content and meta.

Xarray-like with shape (n_instances, n_features) if return_dataset=False

A pandas DataFrame or numpy array describing the instance features.

yarray-like with shape (n_instances,) if return_dataset=False

A pandas Series or numpy array describing the target vector.

datasetDataset instance if return_dataset=True

The Yellowbrick Dataset object provides an interface to accessing the data in a variety of formats as well as associated metadata and content.